Monday, September 4, 2017

Tribute to our long lasting friendship

You've been there from the start,
So I know from where do I start.
We've been around all our lives,
Every age and every phase.
The one person I could rely on,
The only person who's always around.
But being around isn't good enough all the time,
So you got good people around me every time.

I screwed up and you were right behind,
Encouraged me to clean up, till I got my things right.
There isn't an end and there was no beginning,
Have always counted on you, you're away a ring.

We are proud of what you are,
Achievements are merely no means to measure.
I will be proud of you being in here with me,
Through the good times and through the shite.

Here's to the times we spent debating,
And the times we spent wandering,
And the times we savoured,
And to the lives we led.
There's only more to come,
And new heights to be scaled.
And you are what you are because
You went where you went and did what you did!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Motherly love! (Or hatred?)

This wasn't built in a dream,
or to rule, its not your realm.
Pay your respect to her decree,
or its gonna burn this creed.

You're not gonna be forever,
nor your love or fervour.
She's gonna eat you up sooner,
as you try to grab a hold of her.

See the fuel light blinking,
you wont even have nothing for drinking.
She knows how to repair herself,
only you cannot protect yourself.

You will one day be excavated,
like those big creatures cremated,
under this blue green and white,
its now or the time is never right!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The New- Age man

Running back in time,
avoiding all the chime,
blazing into the future,
having good old rules to nurture,

Dont wanna be the new age-man!
Burying down all the network,
inside the soil of artwork,
swaying my nerves,
from all the beautiful curves,

Dont wanna be the new age-man!
Refusing to follow the herd,
trying to stand out from the crowd,
unwilling to prey on this fauna,
following the way to nirvana,

Dont wanna be the new age-man!
Do you really wanna be the new age-man?!

Monday, March 23, 2015


I know we haven’t met,
And we don’t know when we will yet.
But sure you've got my craze,
Girl, come closer to me in a whizz!

I can love you one time,
And I can love you two times.
If you come closer to me,
You'll know once is an eternity!

This the hard part,
Waiting for so long in the start.
It feels heavy in the heart,
But when you come closer you'll never regret.

This evening would've been perfect,
Cos the clouds brought-in the cold climate.
But don't worry and come closer baby,
We can make any day perky!

And when you finally come closer to me,
And I feel your heart close to mine,
You can be my queen,
That will conquer my world and we'll go on!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Reign of the Angel

I haven't told you that day,
Because I didn't know how to say.
Nature gave me the signs,
Of the angel and her reigns.

Haven't felt so pleasant,
The sun seemed like a moon in crescent.
Cloud means a state of worry,
But from the sky it gave me merry.
Whistling wind in my ears,
Whispering there are no more fears.

I didn't  interpret the sign,
Till you told me that you're mine.
Now it won't take a minute for you to turn around,
And I'll be just be two steps behind!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

REVIVE ROCK ! (A song written using rock song names only)

For those about to rock, may be I'm amazed,
it smells like teen spirit, but I'm dazed and confused,
this train of rock n roll all night of my generation,
have this Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.

Everybody Needs Somebody to Love and I got a woman,
But What'd I Say,I Never Loved a woman the Way I Love You rock and roll.
Girls Just Want to Have Fun,
Stand by Me you party doll.
I Love Rock 'n' Roll,
so You've Really Gotta Hold on to Me.

I'm a Believer planet rock is the drug,
U Can't Touch This,its the Authority Song.
I cant quit you baby,I Can't Get No Satisfaction,
God only knows the Good Vibration.

All the Young Dudes Ain't Marchin' Anymore,
A World Without Rock and I'm Losing My Religion.
I Belong to the Blank Generation,
Its all the Rapper's Delight behind Honky Tonk Women.
Reelin' in the Years, singing I Wanna Be Your Dog.
Paranoid,rambling Men screaming i wanna hold your hand.
I'd kill 'em all if i had a hammer holding the balls to the wall,
a genocide,killing in the name of all these things i hate.
dedicated to the one i love,
those dirty deeds done dirt cheap will burn them to the ground.

its nearing the Eve of Destruction,
Help Me with the tracks of my tears.
Crying in the Chapel,Personality Crisis,
No Woman, No Cry,Tell It Like It Is.

Its time to Give Up the Funk
and Tear the Roof off the Sucker,
I Ain't Marchin' with the Black Magic Woman's
downhearted Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Its time for it to be back in black,
i shot the sheriff, the leader of the pack.
now the time is on my side,
rocking you like a hurricane,with the bulls on parade.
O sweet child o' mine,you're the child in time,
pour some sugar on me and let it rain down on me.

I'm the man who sold the world,
who welcomes you to the jungle of rockstars.
I'm shippin up to Boston into the hotel California,
and your bird can sing there,bring in the noise.
we can be heroes in the Detroit rock city,
you never gotta fight for your right to party.

let's go trippin, many rivers to cross runnin with the devil,
a change is gonna come when we walk of the wild side.
get up,stand up, go to the mirror boy,
give it away who do you love.
lets have a party dancing in the street,
fly like an eagle,move on up a little higher.
that'll be the day,say it loud in the ziggy stardust,
it might the highway to hell but I'll live again!


baby if you be mine,
i'll be on cloud nine.
yeah i'll take you into the blue skies.
and we can rule 'em till the time dies.

i'll be your king and you'll be my queen,
we'll make the galaxies glow and bow down.
and nothing can tear us apart,
unlike in this world of filth.

the stars will start falling for you,
people out there will never know why.
bathe with the milky way my baby,
the world will be filled with sweet rain.

i'll make love to you on a cloud baby,
let us melt into it and get lost with lust.
and when the dusk comes baby,
the sun will be our bed lamp,yeah he must.

we can be free as birds,
we will be speed travelling ones.
ill see you under the moonlight,
and propose you with a ring made of stars.

i will bring the world to you,
and will lay it to greet.
let me see the answer in your eyes,
and then joy will sweep me off my feet.
we shall make a home in those blue skies,
where i promised our rule till the time dies.